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Watch the short video of Mock Off

Happy holidays from
- Val Emmich finished recording Slow Down Kidd[2003] at 5:40AM on Christmas Eve - more #omgfacts over at twitter. Follow us to read upcoming omgfacts VE Edition. Also check out the screencaptures of making of Slow Down Kid.

- added an autograph of Val and Eric on a CD insert of Ben Trovato's "Going Through the Notions". Thanks Stan!
- 27 screencaptures from "Mock Off" - a spec spot for's mock draft lobby with Val, Eric, Wayne and Mike put together by Matt Schuman

- show on Feruary 27, 2010 in Hoboken, NJ at Maxwell's
- added a Testimonials page. Find out what other people are saying about and Val's personal messages to this site.
- I'm glad everyone is enjoying the #omgfacts VE edition in twitter. If you didn't know, add this site on twitter for all the fun facts. And to get the latest when this site updates.

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- One last thing. I'd like to share an email I recently received. I hope he doesn't mind that I quote him here:
"Thanks to your fansite, I actually discovered a bunch of stuff I don't have and didn't even know existed." - Joe

And to those who are just signing up for VE newsletter, Val sent out a newsletter on the 14th. Here's a blurb of his thoughts on
"An awesome young woman named Mary Berras has designed an impressive website in my honor. Very flattering & strange. There are things on this website that I didn't know myself. Photos from TV shows, autographs I've signed. Everything you've ever wanted to know & never cared about. She even sells T-shirts saying VAL FUCKEN EMMICH, which I think is brilliant & crass."

- added 20 photos from a show back in March 25, 2009 at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA. Thanks Susan!
- added 12 photos from SXSW 2009 at the Troubadour Saloon. Thanks Sarah!
- added 1 new photo of Val with Madeleine and Caroline. Thanks Madeleine!

If you have photos you'd like to submit, please contact me. It would be greatly appreciated.

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- the Online Merch Store is open! You can now purchase the t-shirts. However, the contest is still running. So far entries have been fun. Thank you for those who submitted.
Here's the new additions for today:
- an interview by Suburban Road Magazine. Published back in December 2006
- two streaming interviews: Artist Approach (from Oct 2007) and Beat the Scene (from May 2007)

The Unofficial Val Emmich Online Merch Store will be opening soon. To celebrate, will be hosting a contest to win a T-shirt of your choice. To enter, just status your Twitter. Click here for details.

Welcome back! Hope you like the new layout and design. Have a few things planned out in the coming days so make sure to follow us on Twitter to get the latest news of updates on this site. Also, let me know what you think of the new design!

Here's what was added most recently:
- added 4 photos from Maxwell's show 10.23.09 with a review. To look at the photos, go to the Live section. For the review, go to Events, search for the date in the calender.
- Can't believe there's already a "Where are they now?" article for Val. He's definitely thriving, though.
- added an old article, "Free At Last" published in 11.01.06

Please take a look around. is packed with an extensive collection of photos, information, interviews, videos, audio, exclusive content and much more. Here's just a brief run-down of what you can find:
* over 400 professional photos including production stills from Fighting Fish and Me Time
* video clips from all tv show appearances - Third Watch, Hope & Faith, Cashmere Mafia, Ed, 30 Rock and Ugly Betty (including a deleted scene with Becki Newton)
* over 500 screencaptures from all tv show apearances plus Fighting Fish, Bringing Rain, It's Only Your Life DVD, Making of Slow Down Kid and all music videos
* over 20 articles
* over 15 streaming interviews

Plus much much more. Enjoy and please come again!

- a good friend, Zura, of recently had the pleasure of interviewing Val. He talks about his writing(songs and fiction mostly), the upcoming film, favorite authors and much more. Here's an excerpt:

Many may recall him from his various TV appearances in hit shows such as Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, Cashmere Mafia, and Hope and Faith. But each of those shows gave him the limited role of “love interest” of the protagonist, not giving him the opportunity to fully demonstrate his acting range. Fighting Fish, an indie film directed by Annette Apitz that centres around Emmich’s character and that of Anna Moore’s who plays his sister in the film, and their very strange and at times creepily claustrophobic relationship. The challenging new role will be a step up from his usual acting gigs, that will allow the public to take notice of his acting than to merely gaze at his cute rocker intellectual looks, something that his limited roles in the past rendered to.

Read the whole interview here.

This site will undergo an extensive revamp. It will be down for a few days. We will still bring you VE News and Updates via Twitter. There will be new features, sections, contests! and merchandise! So if you're not following us on Twitter, now is the time to do so.

Now for the latest additions:
read a review from the NY show 10.20.09. Here's an excerpt: "Of all the performers Emmich had the most devoted fans; the entire front room sang along or mouthed the words of every song."
- Val is a veteran of SXSW. He is scheduled to perform there once again in 2010. Read it here.
- added an old interview "It's Party Time" published back in 2006. Here's an excerpt: "Val Emmich says he has mostly fond memories of his time with the New Jersey bands Ben Trovato and Awake Asleep." Read the article here.

- a few weeks ago, brought you news(scroll down to 10.28.09) about the short film Val had done back in August for long-time friend, Matt Schuman. The film is titled, "Me Time" and Val's character's name is "Lazy Bill". (he statused on twitter with growing a beard). You can now view production stills from the film. Added 6 photos - 3 consists of VE

- added 9 screen captures from the movie, Fighting Fish. Clip soon to come!
- replaced the tagged production still from 30 Rock of Jamie and Frank with an untagged version. Thank you Sheeda!
**edited: added the link- Watch the clip of Fighting Fish here.
**Edited (on 11.29.09) - clip was taken down. More news of the film will come soon.

- for a limited time only: listen to the original version of Detach played by Val's college band, Ben Trovato - for Members Only. Become a member, it's free!
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short update:
- added one photo of Val with co-star Anna Moore from the movie, Fighting Fish.
- Just made a new banner/card. You can download this and the other banners floating around online by going to the Links Page.

- just realized that a few of the gallery albums were set for non-downloads. Going through the gallery albums now to change the settings. Production Stills is available to download now - images include production stills from Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, Hope & Faith and Fighting Fish!
- as stated in the previous update, zivity is hosting a competition for first male ever to be featured in their site. Val made it to their top 12. Vote for him!
- On an unrelated VE news, I have been working on a little project for comedian and Web Soup host, Chris Hardwick. He absolutely fell in love with the business card I designed for him so he asked me to make some more for use as wallpaper. If you're an 80's atari fan, particularly Galaga or Galaxian you will love this too. Check out my design and download the wallpaper here. Chris Hardwick gave a quick shout-out to!

- along with our partner site,, there is now an unofficial forum! Come and say hello.
- is hosting a competition for the first ever male to be featured in their site. Interesting selection. Val Emmich made it to their list. Vote for him!

- included a page "Author" which has info on VE's novel, "A Break In the Weathers" including a sketch he did for the bookcover.
- there is now a Members Only section. Rare songs will be featured in this section. Sign up! It's free! If you've registered to be on the mailing list, there's no need to register because you're already a Member, just sign in and you can visit the Section. Right now you can listen to an unreleased track of Awake Asleep's Lost and Found(thanks Stan!) available only to stream this weekend.
- is proud to be partners with! Go visit and check out all the cool stuff they have over there.

small update
- added a few articles. one is "Independent Study", an article that came with the msnbc video interview.
- here are more pics from 10.20.09 @ The Canal Room (thank you Michael Meyer for sharing)
- back in late August/early September, Val did a short film for long time friend, Matt Schuman. The title is "Me Time". Val's character name is, "Lazy Bill". Steven Siddell, Horatio Sanz and Jen Schatz also stars in it. Matt is finishing it up for a late submission to Sundance Film Festival. We wish you luck!

- added 21 photos from last night show at the canal room
- read a review and setlist in Events. Click on the date.
- to see photo of Val smashing his guitar by Ian Witlen click here.

- updated with 2 more reviews in "Events" - SXSW back in April 2009 and Rick Barry's Record Release party Feb. 2009
- added 31 photos of VE's show back in May 2009 at the Canal Room in the Live Section (thanks Mary!)

- added one more song in "Unreleased/Covers" section
- VE recently answered a few questions for Mix and Mark.
Read it here.
- updated the Events calendar for this month.

- added a new category to the Features & Latest on the left. Scroll down, and now there's "Videos".
- watch a short interview clip with VE + The Rescue Effort from MSNBC prior to the release of Slow Down Kid[2] *thanks Stan!
- if you haven't discovered this on your own, this site is connected with a certain wordpress blog and blogspot. If you want to read ramblings and rants that this site's maintainer has to endure, along with little previews, those bloggers are the places to read it. Along with entries about other celebrities.

- I forgot to put up the screencaptures from IOYL dvd back when I rearranged the menu a few weeks ago. Sooooo....the screencaptures from It's Only Your Life DVD is up! Over 200 stills.
- for a long time now, I had Slow Down Kid 2002 cd packed away. For the first time I actually put the cd into the computer and discovered that in the enhanced cd there's Extra Footage with the Making Of Slow Down Kid. To quote Homer Simpson, "D'oh!" Screencaptures from this footage is up!

Short update:
- you can now listen to "I Would Take You Back" from The Reception EP (split EP with Hero Pattern released 2002) for a limited time only.(thanks Stan!)
- added 22 photos in a new Live Section. Just random live photos from various places and time.
- a little announcement: Val made me an admin to his official fan page in facebook - Val Emmich Fans!
- on a totally unrelated VE announcement:
  - today in DC is the National Equality March. Watch Michael Urie's video regarding this.
  - if you have Twitter, follow Edward Norton. He will be running in the Maasi Marathon in NY. It's a long run to support the Maasi Wilderness Conservation Trust. To learn more about the cause click here. And don't forget to follow Edward Norton on twitter, he runs contests for donations.

- Val's performance for Banding Together will air on the 18th at 5:30 pm. It's a recorded live performance from NYC 2008. This is a webathon. From Oct 16th- 18th 50 acts to benefit Spondylitis Association of America. See the full line up here.
- added two photos from Tyler Shields. Untagged.

- added Screen Captures from Ed "The Offer" plus two video clips
- tickets for the NY show at the Canal Room is now on sale!
- Val is lined up for the 2nd annual "Banding Together" webathon, a benefit on Oct 16th-18th for Spondylitis Association of America. More info at 
- and even if Val isn't nominated, this is just to show how fun the NJ musicians are, here is the AsburySlammies. It's good to see humor pass around.(thanks Rick Barry, we'll be voting for you!)

- quick update: added an article from david magazine from their January 2009 issue "Raised Dagger" (thanks Katie!)
- added a new section "Autographs" (thanks Stan!) If you've met Val and like to show us what he's signed for you, please contact us.

- finally wrote up VE's bio! I'm quite proud it, please take a minute to read
- updated the Discography section - info on Ben Trovato album, Awake Asleep album and The Reception EP all included!(thanks Stan for helping me with this! Check out Stan's youtube channel. He's got some nice live VE performances.)
- new section - Unrelease/covers! We all know Val has written a lot of songs over the years, take a look at what we've missed out on (thanks to Stan for helping me out with this too!)
- and to all the new VE fans listen to a colaborative song with Jonnie Davis "Heir To Nothing" (thanks Stan for the link). This is what Val had to say about the song:

back in January of this year i tried something i never had done before in my life. i tried writing songs with other people. i had always written songs alone but figured it wouldn't hurt to attempt writing with other people as an experiment. one particular collaboration was with this guy named Jonnie Davis who has a studio in NYC. i had never met him before but someone suggested i get together with him. in other such collaborations, i would always come to the table with several song ideas already in place. but this time, at Jonnie's request, we tried an approach which i had never done least not with another person. he just started spontaneously strumming three chords over and over again and asked me to just start singing. at first i was weirded out. i didn't know this guy at all and for me singing, and particularly writing, has always been private and personal. i felt a bit awkward but i figured this whole writing experiment was about getting away from my comfort zone so despite my nervous stomach, i started singing. jonnie hit play on a little tape recorder. we listened back and much to my surprise, we both thought there was something magical to it. it was pretty shocking to me considering it was the very first idea we attempted and just the first thing that popped into our heads. we tried other things that day but nothing compared to that first idea. i went home that night singing the song over and over again in my head, writing the lyrics on the subway ride back to my place. next day we layed down the vocals and bam. a song. anyway, recently Jonnie called me up and said he was creating a myspace profile with some of the songs he has co-written/produced with other people and wanted to use our song. he now goes by the name The Cutz. you can hear our song "Heir To Nothing". its a bit of a stylistic departure for me but that's what this is all about...extending your boundaries. Thanks Jonnie for breaking me out of my shell and for being such a great supporter of what i do! hope you guys like. val (myspace blog 2005)

- screen captures from a Deleted Scene in Ugly Betty's "Kissed Off" episode have been added! Along with the video
- clips of Val's appearance in Third Watch(all 4 scenes) have been added. Val's complete scenes from Hope & Faith added into the Video Section as well

- clips added in Videos 2007-2009(I had to split the pages). The following shows have been aded in videos: 2 Ugly Betty scenes, 1 30 Rock, 1 from Cashmere Mafia
- Screencaptures from 30 Rock, Cashmere Mafia, Hope & Faith, Third Watch, and Bringing Rain have all been added. Over 400 images altogether. Videos are coming soon. Stay tuned.

- all episodes from Ugly Betty have been ScreenCaptured(minus the deleted scene). The pages are up and running with clips of videos included in the pages. Over 400 screencaptures. Take a look.
- Val informed me that the video "A Voice" that I found is unofficial(of course). So to respect him, the video will not be linked here. However, a few screencaptures will be posted.
- the dvd for the complete 3rd season of Ugly Betty is out now!
- added a few Fighting Fish Screencaptures 

- Watch Val's new video Studio Diary in his youtube channel
- if you've been looking around in this site and paying attention, yes I'm playing around with the layout - removed some things. Also, made a new ScreenCaptures Menu page. Please take a look at what's coming soon!
  - screencaptures and clips of Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, Cashmere
  Mafia, Hope & Faith, Third Watch, Bringing Rain
- if you're planning on attending Val's show for the CMJ Festival and can't afford to fork up $225 for the badge, here's a discount offer that'll only cost $75 instead

listen to an old acoustic performance on The Mountain 103.7 radio from November 10, 2008. Songs are: Get On With It, Down and Hurt More Later. Added in Streaming Interviews.
- added some past reviews of shows in Events. I'm still trying to find more to add. Sadly, the calendar can only go as far back as 2007. If you find a review or have one of your own please contact me and I'll add it with proper credit!
- added 4 old interviews all from back in 2008 promoting Little Daggers.

- photoshoot for Origivation Magazine, which will be doing a feature on past winners and judges of the Independent Music Awards. The photoshoot took place at the Hearst studios in New York City. Check out the pics here. Photos by Zac Callahan.

- added an interview - Nando & Val 12.20.08
- Doug Emmett is the director in photography of Fighting Fish. He has a video portfolio of his works. There are 3 clips from Fighting Fish. 3 of 2 has Val in it (middle and 3/4 of the way). Watch it here. **please note that this is not a trailer.

- added 1 photo by Dave Sgalambro in the Studio Gallery
- added 1 photo by Dave Sgalambro in the Promos Gallery
- added 3 photos in the Promos 2 Gallery
- added 3 photos in the Misc Gallery
- uploaded a clip from Cashmere Mafia in my youtube channel
- found an episode in youtube when Val appeared in Third Watch(2000). He's in the very beginning and appears again at 6:41. He also appears in another clip towards the very end.
- and here's an old interview. Wal-Mart Soundcheck Series. Val talks about Little Daggers, acting, and his inspiration.

- Wow I cannot believe I forgot the Shock video. Sorry about that! ScreenCaptures from Shock is up and ScreenCaptures from the DVD It's Only Your Life(over 300 images) is up as well.

- if you are not following Val on twitter or on youtube, then you should. He posted another video with a sneak peek of a new song, "Don't Let Go".
- added 3 photos in the Studio Gallery
- the Screen Captures section is up and running! With over 200 screencaps(all 4 music videos plus the preview clips of Little Daggers). Captures from Cashmere Mafia, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty and Hope & Faith soon to come! *on a sidenote - if you noticed there are snippets of val's lyrics in each page. In these screencaps pages, the lryics used are from Val's band back in college, Ben Trovato.
- and finally! Added 5 Production Stills and a Promo photo from his upcoming movie, Fighting Fish. Here's a little synopsis of the movie:

During one hot summer, a brother and a sister must overcome their tempestuous past...

21-year-old David still lives at home in upstate New York, caring for his small siblings while his mother recuperates in a mental institution. Though he aches to leave and find his own way in life, he also feels responsible to his family. His wild, complicated, and beautiful sister Alice suddenly returns home after a long absence, and a new domestic tension erupt. When David falls in love with the new girl in town, Chris, Alice is driven to desperate measures to keep her brother close and her world intact.

We'll have to wait and see if this movie will feature in the Woodstock Film Festival this fall.

- An article of Val interviewing Raine Maida(lead singer of Our Lady Peace) was just added. They talk about being a solo artist, songwriting and Neil Young. (thank you Tim for mailing the magazine to me!)
- You can now follow this site on Twitter to get the latest updates.
- Val has a show in NYC at the Canal Room on 10.20.09 for the CMJ Festival.

- Val uploaded a clip of a new song for his upcoming album in his YouTube Channel. Follow him on twitter to get the latest info.
- Read Val's MySpace note about going back in the studio.
- Val updated his Diary in his official site. He talks about his finished book and a second book he's working on!
- added 6 photos in the Gallery from SXSW from this year at Maggie Mae
- There are 3 auctions for Ben Trovato album(Val's band in college), Music Test Pattern. This was released back in 1999. Just search for Ben Trovato.

- Red Carpet section in the Gallery is open. It's packed with over 50 photos.
- Val enters the studio to start recording on his next album. Follow him on twitter and youtube channel for updates.

- Added photos in the Gallery from a show in Athens, GA at the Melting Point 03.27.09. Photos submitted by Jen. Thank you!
- Included a link in Streaming Interviews with America Ferrera where she talks about Val's role and his musical talents. Click here to go directly to the EW site, but you might want to check out Streaming Interviews section. It's filled with over 15 interviews.

- Added photos from shows in Detroit,MI from 08.04.04 and 12.11.04 - 28 photos all together, submitted by Randy. Thank you Randy!

- Added 4 photos of Fans: Julia, Tischa, Tiffany, and Jen. Thank you, Lovely Ladies. Click here to go directly to the section. If you have a photo with Val or photos of him from a show and would like to share contact me.

Added photos from shows in NYC at Canal Room(01.30.09) and Highline Ballroom(03.13.09). Click here for the Gallery. Photos by Tiffany. Thank you, Tiffany!

- Read a short article regarding the 3rd annual Asbury Rock Stars charity softball tournament happening this Saturday Aug 8th.
- Watch the Ugly Betty Season 3 UK trailer. Thank you Michael Urie for the link!

Welcome! This is solely a fansite for Val Emmich. Created by a fan for the fans. This site is still in the process of gathering information and putting it together to make it look pretty. Please, if you have anything to submit, contact me by using the form below. Let's pack this site as much as we can. Without the contribution from the fans this site wouldn't hold up. And without the success of Val Emmich this wouldn't exist. Thank you - come back often!

Please take a look around. is packed with an extensive collection of photos, information, interviews, videos, audio, exclusive content and much more. Here's just a brief run-down of what you can find:
* over 400 professional photos including production stills from Fighting Fish and Me Time
* video clips from all tv show appearances - Third Watch, Hope & Faith, Cashmere Mafia, Ed, 30 Rock and Ugly Betty (including a deleted scene with Becki Newton)
* over 500 screencaptures from all tv show apearances plus Fighting Fish, Bringing Rain, It's Only Your Life DVD, Making of Slow Down Kid and all music videos
* over 20 articles - including featured magazine articles you can't find online
* over 15 streaming interviews

Plus much much more. Enjoy and please come again!